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In an exclusive interview, Julie Alf talks about Enter Art Fair's future perspectives

In an exclusive interview with CRIO.ART, Julie Alf, creator and director of Enter Art Fair, talks about future prospects for the fair.

When you decided to create Enter Art Fair, did you imagine that the event would have all this visibility?

Yes, I saw a clear and manifest absence of an international and commercial art fair in Scandinavia that would be relevant to both Danish and international galleries. Even before the Corona crisis pushed everyone towards digital solutions, we wanted to explore how artistic experience in the digital world could be combined with the indispensable physical experience in an interesting and meaningful way.

However, I feel lucky that we got all this positive attention in such a short amount of time.


Are there prospects for the participation of Latin American galleries and artists at the fair?

We've already included galleries and artists from Latin America since the first edition. Galeria Servando came from Havana, but unfortunately the corona situation made it a little difficult for galleries from abroad to participate. Fortunately, several participating galleries represent Latin American artists and both José Davila (MX) and Dario Escobar (GT) will be showing works at the fair in 2021.


In an exclusive interview, Julie Alf talks about Enter Art Fair's future perspectives
Enter Art Fair 2020 – Photo credit: Julie Nymann


For you, what is the next objective to be achieved with the Enter Art Fair?

We always work very focused and dedicated to creating new relevant collaborations. In short: we believe in expansion and development through collaborations and strong synergies. Part of our success is looking for these partnerships outside the normal framework of the art world, but with a meaningful and thoughtful focus.

Another goal is to include design in a new and interesting way that creates value for both industries.


Are there any plans to expand the Enter Art Fair to other continents?

The way we want to work across continents is to attract galleries, artists and collectors to the Nordic Region and build bridges between the Nordic art scene and global visitors.

In continuation of the above, our partnership with the Material Art Fair, Mexico, is a good example of this. Through our art program, we exchange experiences and cultural events. Once again, the Covid-19 crisis ended full deployment, but we hope to explore this to a much greater extent in the future.


With innovation as one of the main characteristics and its differential, how does Enter Art Fair relate to the global art market, which is still remarkably traditional?

We trust in our progressive 'road' to Copenhagen and force ourselves to think ahead, always exploring opportunities and new initiatives rather than looking back at history and 'how others do it'. However, this does not mean that we do not respect traditions or understand the reasons why things are the way they are. We simply allow ourselves to challenge ways of doing things if the traditional way feels elaborate and exclusive rather than inclusive, and if the result isn't perfect. We are very focused on what galleries want and what they are looking for in the Nordic art market, and we set our goals in continuing this. As an art fair, we are present for the galleries – and not the other way around.

Through our art program, we also provide a progressive space for new artists and experimental art forms. We usually travel a lot and visit both our galleries in their home countries and other art fairs around the world. This connects us to the global arts scene and helps us connect people.



In an exclusive interview, Julie Alf talks about Enter Art Fair's future perspectives
Julie Alf


Julie has an MSc in Business Administration and Business Law from Copenhagen Business School, she is 49 years old and is a mother of 3 children; 17, 15 and 11 years old and married to the renowned gallery owner Hans Alf.


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